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Harvest Moon

Unfortunately this isn't a post about Harvest Moon. Maybe fortunately, it's a post about Harvest Moon, a surprisingly good Pumpkin Ale from Blue Moon Brewing Company. I first discovered Harvest Moon last fall when I was in New York for my buddies Jake & Kate's wedding. I was at the East Village Pour House with my buddy Scott Strenger and I saw an odd beer on tap - a Fall seasonal from Blue Moon. It turned out to be delicious.

So, naturally, when I saw it on the rack recently, I thought "Oh boy! It's back! Let's make pumpkin pancakes!"
Because what else do you do with beer...?


I think the thing that characterizes this beer best is its subtlety. Regular Blue Moon is known for its crisp yet subtle taste. This beer is no different. It has a golden amber color and just enough pumpkin and spice for you to think it's a pumpkin beer without being in your face about it. Unfortunately that subtlety dies a quiet, painful death, and it starts with the batter. The batter didn't much smell or taste like pumpkin at all, which didn't necessarily bode well for the pancakes. Nothing eventful otherwise, though.


This one will probably go down as one of the biggest disappointments I've seen, and it makes me cautious about the soon-to-come Pumpking pancakes (which, admittedly, has a lot bigger/bolder flavor, but still). I was super excited at the thought of pumpkin beer pancakes, thinking it'd be the best of both worlds. It actually turned out the exact opposite. Well, maybe not exact, but there was no pumpkinny goodness going on in here. There wasn't much of anything going on, unfortunately.

The Ternary Scale:

Pancakes: 0 - This beer is wonderful. These pancakes are lame. It's as simple as that.
Syrup: 0 - Nothing can really save these. 
Not even syrup. Or beer.

Admittedly, this might just be me being overly negative because I expected so much of these pancakes, but, yeah, pretty disappointing.