Beer Batter Breakfast

Blue Moon, you knew just what I was there for...

I have a tendency, whether overt/intentional or not, to shy away from mainstream beers on this blog. I guess I'd still put Blue Moon under the category of "craft beer", but it's a lot more widespread and popular than most of the beers I cover here. It's not like it's a requirement of the blog, but I just tend not to buy/drink beer like that, and there's a lot more interesting stuff happening at the smaller level.

That being said, we had some leftover Blue Moon from a pool party, and wheat beers typically hold up well in pancake form, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Blue Moon's always been one of my favorite mainstream-ish beers, and it certainly didn't disappoint in pancake form, either.


There wasn't anything crazy going on with these pancakes in the prep stages. Pretty straightforward stuff - the color didn't take all that well given Blue Moon's light color. The aroma wasn't very powerful, either, but the batter began showing the characteristic delicious wheaty sweetness that wheat beer pancakes tend to have.
And then there suddenly appeared before me...


Staying true to form, Blue Moon didn't disappoint. It didn't quite have as much flavor as some of the other wheat pancakes I've made, but overall they were quite enjoyable, packing in that wonderful wheaty goodness without being overwhelming or losing much of anything. The one thing that did drop off is the coriander you get a hint of in liquid form that Blue Moon is famous for. I guess sometimes you have to make sacrifices.
Blue Moon, Now I'm no longer alone...

The Ternary Scale:

Pancakes: 2 - Blue Moon is widely available, really affordable, and makes great pancakes. You're doing yourself an injustice by not making these pancakes.
Syrup: 1? - I don't actually have much to say about syrup here. It's not required by any means, but it certainly doesn't hurt.