Beer Batter Breakfast

Black & Bluegrass

After the flurry of posts that was Madison Craft Beer Week, life got a little busy, so sorry for the hiatus. I actually made these pancakes during Craft Beer Week with the hopes of showcasing more craft beer, but unfortunately I wasn't quite prepared for the volume, so I failed. Next year, we'll be much, much more prepared.

This week's beer comes to us from New Albanian Brewing Company from the lovely little town of New Albany, IN (Population: 36,000). Titled "Black & Bluegrass", it's sole description is an "ale brewed with natural flavors". Beer Advocate sheds a bit more light on the situation, classifying it as a Farmhouse Ale, and mentioning it being brewed with "blue agave nectar, toasted black pepper, and lemongrass."
At the very least, it has a bitchin' label
If I had to guess at it, I probably would've put this more in the American Pale Ale category based on its body, hoppiness, and flavor, but hey, who am I to debate the BA gods? The beer itself was a bit hoppier than I'd like, but had a lot of flavor and overall wasn't good. Plus, it clocks in at 7%, so, why not?


The batter didn't seem to have any defining characteristics about it. The hoppiness didn't go well with the yeasty batter flavoring that tends to come with, well, batter. The beer itself poured a deep amber with a thin white head that dissipated rather quickly, but neither of those seemed to carry over to the batter itself.
Aww yeah WI Beer Expo glass


To be honest, I made these pancakes almost a month ago and left myself virtually no notes, so unfortunately I can't say much about the pancakes themselves. That's probably indicative of their quality and performance, though, as there are pancakes I've made over a year ago that I still remember.
At least I took pictures!

The Ternary Scale:

Pancakes: 0 - As mentioned, I wasn't incredibly fond of the beer, and I don't remember anything about the pancakes, so I'm thinking no.
Syrup: 0 - Also, no recollection, but aside from the fact that syrup makes almost everything better, I don't think they saved these.
Look! I tried!