Beer Batter Breakfast


Hey, who says we only do beer? I was graciously awarded some leftover Woodchuck from a party I recently threw, and considering I didn't want to drink it, I figured, hey, why not make pancakes? 
Eww. Woodchuck.
I was hoping they'd come out some sort of delicious apple pancake magicness. We'll have to wait and see just how that turned out for me.


Woodchuck is known for its light apple flavor, and the light/faintness was certainly true throughout. To me, Woodchuck's always smelled better than it tasted, and while I'd never had 802 before this, I wasn't expecting much. It turns out I was right.
You sure that's not just batter?
The batter looked and tasted just like normal batter. There was a faint apple aroma to the batter, and I guess if I tried I could taste it as well, but it was largely overpowered by the batter itself.


 (Apple) Pancakes!

I'm not even going to spend the time to write details here. The pancakes were awful. Well, I guess as awful as pancakes can be. They tasted normal. If I hadn't watched myself make them with Woodchuck, I wouldn't've believed there was any in there.
Almost a waste of syrup
Syrup didn't even help. Well, it helped, but it didn't make them any more apple-y.

The Ternary Scale:

0. 0. No way. Okay, if you have to get rid of some Woodchuck and you don't like cider, this is probably a decent way to get rid of it, but it's almost not worth the batter.