Beer Batter Breakfast


Lots of posts to come in the upcoming days/weeks! The past two weeks have seen a lot of beer and a lot of pancakes, so hopefully that'll make up for the lapse since our Buffalo edition. Get excited!

Today's edition comes to us from New Belgium Brewing in the form of their holiday special, Frambozen. Frambozen is a Raspberry Brown Ale and is quite delightful. It sports just the right amount of raspberry while letting the rich brown ale come through. As a Brown Ale, it's not quite as smooth as the popular wheat+fruit combinations, but I applaud both the effort and the execution in making something different.

How festive of a label!
But enough about the beer, on to the pancakes!


The batter came out a color very similar to the beer itself. Kinda dark brownish, kinda reddish. This really isn't a shock, but it made for an interesting batter color (of course, not the most interesting we've seen on this blog). The batter's aroma was delicious - not quite as beery as the beer itself, but just as raspberry-y. Get excited!


This one might go down as one of the biggest disappointments I've come across so far. I've had the beer more than once and it's always delightful. The batter smelled great, and there were no complications in cooking. However, the resultant pancakes were pretty bad. The characteristic raspberry flavor is completely gone, and even the caramel tones of the brown ale were subdued. I basically felt like I was eating normal pancakes.

The Ternary Scale:

0 - No way, Jose. Don't waste your time or the beer on these. They're much better off in beer form. Syrup couldn't even save them.

Ever had a Frambozen? What're your thoughts on it? Any ideas why such a delicious beer turned into such flavorless pancakes? Drop a line below!