Beer Batter Breakfast


I'm normally all over the beer/pancake puns, but with a name like Booyah, I feel like it'd be an injustice to the beer and to any potential pun that I could come up with. Milwaukee Brewing Co's Booyah is a Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale that's apparently inspired by some type of soup that's made in the tiny town of De Pere, Wisconsin (as per the video on their webpage I just saw). Both the name and inspiration come from this varied-ingredient stew, and is more than just a beer - there're Booyah Parties, an entire event, county fair...I really lost track of what that guy was talking about. He broke his ankle watching a the Vikings beat the Packers or something. What? Sure.
Local flavor alright...
This particular bottle of Booyah came to me after a house party - someone had brought some over and I'd never heard of the stuff, but they wound up leaving it at our place, and with a name like Booyah, I couldn't resist. It's a light and flavorful ale with a lot of subtle undertones. I was a fan of it in liquid form (for a Farmhouse Ale, that is - I'll take any porter over any light ale any day), but the time came to see how it stacks up as a flapjack.
You sure there's Booyah in there?
The batter shared the delightful aroma of the beer, but colorwise/otherwise it had nothing special about it. You could probably, with proper mixture, pass this off as normal batter (considering batter's already kind of yeast-y) and get away with it. But why would you want to do that. Embrace the Booyah. Love the Booyah.


Booyah came out looking and smelling like pretty standard pancakes. Unlike Spotted Cow, Booyah kept a bit of its flavors in pancake form, and didn't give much of a beery aftertaste. Unlike Leine's Summer Wheat, the pancaking process didn't really enhance the flavors at all. If anything, some of the subtlety that Booyah is known for was lost in the process. 
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The Binary Scale:

1 - Go ahead and make them!

If you get your hands on a bottle of Booyah you certainly won't be disappointed in pancake form. They aren't anything special like some of our previous creations, but they maintain a delightful somewhat-wheaty-not-too-beery flavor.

What do you think of Booyah? The stuff of legends like MKE's video says? Think I didn't utilize the name enough? Keep the conversation going in the comments section!