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Spotted Cowpies

If there's any beer that screams Wisconsin, it's the one and only Spotted Cow. One of the first things I was told when I moved to Madison was I had to try this mystical cow-beer. It's also the thing that Wisconsin expatriates seem to crave the most upon returning here (as exhibited by some visitors during UXMad). So clearly a beer of such caliber and esteem would make awesome pancakes, right? Only one way to find out.

If you look closely, you can see shirtless me in the reflection on the bowl
I present to you: Spotted Cowpies (god I love these pancake name puns). Spotted Cow is a wonderfully drinkable Farmhouse Ale out of the esteemed New Glarus Brewing Company. Spotted Cow goes well with pretty much everything, and is often a barbecue favorite. It pours a delightful light gold color and fresh smell, but nothing crazy going on here. The batter turns out looking pretty much like normal batter, as seen above (and below).
Mmmmm, normal-y


The pancakes themselves turned out a little disappointing, to be honest. I'm not the hugest fan of Spotted Cow to begin with (I'll drink it, but I won't go crazy for it like some 'Sconnies do), but I expected more out of the pancakes. Leine's Summer Wheat gave us a delicious wheaty flavor without the (delicious) beery flavor you get in liquid form, so I was hoping Spotted Cow would do something similar. Instead, most of the flavor went away, and all that was left in pancake form was somewhat of a beery aftertaste. Pretty much the opposite of what we were going for.

Best-looking cow pies I've ever seen...

The Binary Scale:

0 - Don't waste the Spotted Cow on them

Granted, they're still pancakes, and still chocolate chip beer pancakes, at that, so you really can't go too wrong. You'd be better off drinking your Spotted Cow if you happen to find yourself with some, though. Save the beer and the batter on this one, kids.
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