Beer Batter Breakfast

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First things first - credit where credit's due. Not that there aren't. a ton. of. other. people. making. beer pancakes, but the ones who originally inspired me personally and gave me the idea are none other than the wonderful people over at Epic Meal Time. Technically an adaptation of the original (Chocolate Chip Bacon Beer Waffles), I immediately fell in love with the idea of beer batter pancakes.

There're two problems I have with the current beer pancake offerings available on the web:

  1. They're almost all out-of-date/not current
  2. Almost all of the recipes call for some horrible, flavorless, light American lager
The latter point is exactly the mistake I made the first time I tried this (Coors doesn't make good pancakes). After giving it a second try (Leine's Summer Wheat makes good pancakes) I decided there's learning to be had here, and the only way to do so is to experiment with all of the wonderful beers out there.

Expect to see before, during, and after shots as well as descriptions of the beer of choice and the resulting pancakes. I'd like to update this about once a week, but given my entrepreneurial alter-ego, I can't make any guarantees.

"We 'bout to get drunk off pancakes" - Harley Morenstein