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Bluebeery Pancakes

Ah, the beer that put me over the edge and made me decide to actually go ahead and start a blog for it - Wild Blue. If you're not an elitist/purist and can handle fruit beers, definitely check it out in non-pancake form: it's delightfully fruity without being too sweet or syrup-y and maintaining a bit of that crisp lager taste. At 8%, it packs a punch, and is a fine way to get a good buzz going.

But what does that say about it in pancake form?? Let's find out!

Making its first appearance (of many) on the blog is the Krusteaz Pancake Mix, courtesy of CostCo. At ~$6 for 10 lbs of pancake mix, you really can't go wrong - even if you aren't running an experimental beer pancake blog. Sure, it's not authentic, and it might not be the most natural/healthy thing in the world, but the pancakes that come out of this bag are incredible. Just add water! (no joke!)

Okay, back to business. Wild Blue has a dark blue/purplish color and head, which of course leads to an awesome-colored pancake batter. By far the strangest thing I've seen/made so far:
Do not adjust your monitor
Along the same lines, the pancakes themselves came out an interesting color. It reminds me of the time we made green pancakes for St. Patty's Day (but that, unfortunately, only involved food coloring). Similar coloration, except these have BEER in them!


The part everyone's waiting for, of course. The pancakes turned out pretty good - you could certainly taste the blueberry flavoring through the raw batter as well as through the pancakes. Most of the wonderful beery-ness went away, but there was definitely some sort of weird taste coming into play here.

I don't have pictures of the batch where I included fresh blueberries (straight from the Dane County Farmer's Market, baby!), but that probably turned out a bit better due to the juices of the blueberries and their enhanced flavor. 

Overall, I think I'd prefer this one as a beer - Wild Blue (and its variants, Wild Black and Wild Red) are just too delicious and powerful in liquid form to justify doing anything with except enjoying on a hot summer day. (Disclaimer: I haven't tried Wild Red yet) (Disclaimer: Let's get real - I'll probably make pancakes out of the other two anyways. I love beer and I love pancakes).

The Binary Scale:

1 - Go ahead and make them!

Even if you don't like the pancakes, you should have 5.5 more delicious Wild Blues to drink. Mmmm, Wild Blue.

What're your experiences with Wild Blue? What do you think of the color? Any suggestions/ides for future CCBBP posts? Leave us a comment below!